Gamipress Streaks Addon

Before we being, let’s take a quick look at some screenshots I took of what we’ll be building together:

This unofficial addon for GamiPress will show a habit tracker on your site.

To use it, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download Plugin

Click here to download the Habits Streak Gamipress Addon

Step 2: Upload and activate the plugin

Please note that you will need to have Gamipress already activated on your site for this plugin to work. Like with any other new plugin, I highly recommend testing on a Staging site.

Step 3: Add a Habit Achievement type 

While you can have this work with an existing achievement type, I recommend creating a new achievement type in Gamipress called Habits, or something similar.

Step 4: Add a New Habit & Define Action Step

Remember to set “Maximum Earnings Per User’ from 1 to 0.

Step 5: Add Habit Tracker 

To add the habit tracker to your site, simply use this shortcode.

[streaks id="61" color="#24D8A2" button_color="green" streak_connection_color="red" class="habit-tracker" ]

How to reduce the circle size

If you need to reduce the size of the circles to better fit a smaller space, add this CSS code to your site.

					<style>.habit-tracker canvas, .habit-tracker svg { height: 26px; width:26px;}</style>

Ran into issues or have some feedback or ideas for improvements?

If you ran into some issues, or have any ideas for improvements, then feel free reach out using the form below and let us know.