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Badges & Achievements

Video 1:


  • Install and activate the GamiPress plugin
  • Install and activate the following GamiPress extensions
    • GamiPress – BuddyBoss integration
    • GamiPress – BuddyPress integration
    • GamiPress – LearnDash integration
  • Create a new achievement type called ‘Badges’ by going to GamiPress -> Achievement Types and clicking ‘Add New’. You can use these settings if desired:
    • Singular Name = Badge
    • Plural Name = Badges
    • Slug = badges
  • Add some badges to your site by going to Achievements -> Badges and clicking ‘Add New’. Follow the instructions in the video to add a new badge.


Gamification Starter Kit – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QWA8q–DJp0qCYvWNbM3xytDakTCKWM5qQ70_7RYWXk/edit?usp=sharing
GamiPress Import File – https://academy.pbdigital.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/badges.txt

Video 2:


Gamipress Achievements Shortcode

[gamipress_achievements type="badges" filter="yes" search="no" limit="100" orderby="menu_order" order="ASC" columns="4"]